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IdentityAccessManager not starting after 10.4 installation

Question asked by AjayJK01 on Jan 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by AjayJK01

Hi There 


After performing DevTest 10.4 installation , unable to launch IAM. https://localhost:51111/auth  getting page cannot be found error.

Initially I started the IAM Service and then went ahead and try to launch the page but it did not work.

Then using command prompt I ran the IdentityAccessManager.exe; I could see no messages on the command prompt  but still not able to launch the page. Seems the IAM server is not coming up.


Also I am not able to view logs any where. 


- Windows server 2012 R2

 -JDK 1.8 

JAVA_HOME & LISA_JAVA_HOME defined in environment variable. 
-Embbeded DB is been used

 - Full permission is given on the folder 


Could you tell me if any additional configuration need to be done once installation is done? This is preventing me from getting the registry and other component started.