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CEM decoding errors

Question asked by afiorentini on Jan 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by afiorentini

Hi to all !


Currently we have problems with some applications that we have registered in cem.


We see a high number of transactions with decoding errors:



When we check the tim log we see the message:


Fri Jan 25 07:19:45 2019 13487 ! Warning: w15: ssl_analyze: No data due to handshake failure [190.***.xx.xx]:49263->[10.2xx.xx.xx]:443


We discard a certificate error because we managed to decode a very low volume (something that would not happen if the certificate or the key were wrong).


Yesterday when we tried to load the certificate and the key in wireshark to validate if it could decode the traffic we got the following error:





Does anyone have any idea what may be happening?