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Schedule Multiple Adhoc Job Runs

Question asked by DilipJivan on Jan 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by scarrobis

I am new to Autosys and cannot find an answer to this.


I have a job that runs only when requested by the user. The user submitted this request to run the job as specified:

Start date/time(s):

1/23/19 @ 8 PM CT

1/28/19 @ 6 AM CT

1/28/19 @ 8 PM CT

1/29/19 @ 8 AM CT

1/29/19 @ 8 PM CT

1/30/19 @ 8 AM CT

Creating an override allows me to do this 1 date/time at a time, so this is not feasible. An adhoc calendar lets me select the dates, but the submit times are different for different dates and I prefer not to alter the job's properties, which will need to be reverted after the request is completed.


Is there a way to schedule all of these runs ahead of time?