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How to manage API Developer Portal Users when SSO enabled ?

Question asked by Ashok kumar Muthu Employee on Jan 29, 2019
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I have a customer who is exposing API Developer Portal Registration with workflow enabled along with activation email notification to their partners. And the requirement is to enable SSO now.


I understand the SSO setup options however not clear on the User management. As per this doc link there is a note - Manage Users - CA API Developer Portal - 4.2 - CA Technologies Documentation 

which states:

Note: If single sign-on (SSO) is enabled, you cannot add and manage users using CA API Developer Portal and developers cannot register themselves.


so my questions are,

- How to achieve similar registration flow with workflow and email notification after enabling SSO ?

- Do we need to use CA IDM to achieve above use case and let CA IDM to handle registration/workflow/activation ?

- Even If we use IDM for user mgmt and enable SSO, do we need to create/provision users in the in-built DB too ? or just keeping users in SSO Authentication store (CA dir) and sending them via HTTP headers/SAML response is sufficient ? 


This is not covered in the document, Hope someone could shed some light on this. Thanks.