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Using response.mainpart.size variable causes message size limit error

Question asked by StefanKlotz on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Mark_HE

Hi there,

we found a very strange behavior with the following outcome/result.

We have an API, which works with simple small GET-requests, but the response is a very large json-object. As of now this was working fine without any issues or error messages. Now we were optimizing our policies and included some additional variables for external logging. One of these variables is "response.mainpart.size". But as soon as this "Set Context Variable"-assertion is active, ALL requests are ending in the "Unable to read stream: the specified maximum data size limit would be exceeded" error message. During further analysis and debugging we found out, that not only this system variable is causing any additional internal checks, but also the debugger in the Policy Manager itself as well. Means, even with disabled "Set Context Variable"-assertion, which normally works fine again without any error, we still get above mentioned error, as soon as we are starting the debugger.

So does anyone has any idea, what's happing in the background and causing this error? And even more important, is there any solution for this or at least some kind of workaround?

If you need any further Information, please let me know.

We are currently running on 9.1.01

Thank you!


Ciao Stefan