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Missing parameters in header

Question asked by Pramod.Talekar on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by Mark_HE

Hello All, 


I am facing one interesting issue. My application landing page when loaded shows a list of documents. The UI team is connected to the CA proxy I created which further connects to the business service to get data from. All the documents shown on the page have View option. I opened Developer Toolbox and checked that when I click on View, user-id : xxxx is set up in the header, but when the new tab opens, the CA proxy error is displayed for the empty header.


I ran the proxy in the debug mode and hit the url again and saw that user-id was null.

Even for getting the list of documents (1st operation), user-id is mandatory , it's only when new tab gets opened up, user-id becomes null even though it appears in F12 of original tab. 


Could you please suggest.