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Oracle JDK/JRE Licensing Requirements

Question asked by slide5050 on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by nikola.milosavljevic


I'm working with PAM 3.2, on a evaluation implementation and had a question I was wondering if anyone had clarity on.


As far as Oracle's decision to charge for JDK/JRE use, I was wondering what is involved for the users from that change.


The application-access to PAM runs on an internal JRE, so I assume that is CA's responsibility to manage,  but the website seems to still be running on java.

Does that mean each user of PAM logging in through the website requires a JDK/JRE installation?


Additionally, I assume we'll need JDK or JRE installed for the windows proxy server, as well as the Java connector server, but it isn't clear.

Has anyone found out anything regarding this?