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Validate request URI

Question asked by Tattwa on Jan 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Tattwa

I am planning to catch OOTB exception e.g. 500, 404 etc.

OOTB Scenario: trying to access invalid URI and OOTB response with message "Policyfied Error" with response  status code 500

My Requirement: To override above OOTB 500 error message and  response with custom message with status code 404


At present, I am using "CustomizeErrorResponse" assertion which is working fine. but facing below challenges.

Challenges: How to validate ${request.htt.uri} with existing routing_uri available ssg.published_service.

Database Query: select routing_uri as Id from ssg.published_service;

Either I have to use "Perform JDBC Query" assertions to fetch routing_uri from ssg.published_service table. I want to avoid a database query. Is there any alternate way?


I am using Gateway 9.2 version.