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Any plans for a more robust and feature-rich Reverse Web Proxy functionality in CA API Gateway?

Question asked by ygirouard_stm on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by Mark_HE

When comparing the resulting Web API that is created by the Publish Reverse Web Proxy with the features of the mod_proxy module of Apache, you quickly see that there are several critical features missing.


See this documentation for example: mod_proxy_html - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4 


For example, the importance of selecting not only which tags to replace text in, but also which attributes within those tags to do so. Exemple, you may not want to change the content section of a "a" tag, but rather only the "href" attribute. Also, being able to select content-types for which you shouldn't not do any transformations, i.e. image/* or other binary data types.


You should also be able to specify the part of the URL to transform in case the backend has a different folder path prefix or vice versa (i.e. the API URL is /my/reverse-proxy/app/ but the root of the site it proxies to is /myapp/. You would need to transform /my/reverse-proxy/app/* into /myapp/* and vice versa.


Basically, the wizard should let you pretty much emulate what you can do with the mod_proxy module of Apache Web Server, with the added benefit of being able to add a layer of security on top.


Are there any plans for something like that in future releases?