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How do I check if a job was cancelled due to exceeded max. runtime in Post-Conditions?

Question asked by MichaelDePew607911 on Feb 6, 2019
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I'm using ONE Automation 2015 - Automation Engine 11.


My goal is to use Post Conditions to automatically restart jobs, and I want all of the automatic restarting of jobs handled in one place if possible.


I have a workflow containing jobs.  In these jobs, I use the output scan to set different return codes based on why the job may have failed.  For example, if a connection times out, I check the return code in my post conditions and if it matches, I rerun the job.  I attached a screen shot below for reference.


I also have cases where I want to cancel a job after it exceeds the maximum run time and restart it in the same fashion.  Is there a way to set the return code on a job that is cancelled due to the maximum runtime being exceeded?  I know I can cancel and execute the job again from the Runtime tab, but if possible, I would like to do it in Post Conditions as I want to handle all of the automatic rerunning in one place.


Thank you!


Screen shot for reference: