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SDM Event not triggering IT PAM Workflow

Question asked by equinto.1 on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by camja06

Hi everyone, 

How are you? I am having an issue with a customization I am developing.

Basically, when a SDM ticket is cancelled, a macro condition from an event checks if this ticket is either Resolved or Cancelled. In case the condition result is TRUE, an IT PAM workflow is triggered.

When the ticket gets to Resolved state, the condition validates this and workflow is correctly started.

But, when ticket is Cancelled, the event and condition are activated, but workflow does not start. 

As I'm not able to see the result of the condition in order to see if it is TRUE or FALSE, I was wondering if this ticket, as Cancelled is an inactive state, events and macros no not work on those tickets.

If that is the case, is there some workaround? (note: turning cancelled into an active state is not a possibility).

Thanks in advance! :)