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OpenShift microservices monitoring With APM 10.7

Question asked by Lucarazzi on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2019 by Hallett_German

Hello community.

First I admit I never used the OpenShift console.

  • I understand that we have an Infrastructure agent for OpenShift rel >= 3.7 that gives us metrics about openShift internal perfomance (Dockers,Pods and whatever exists into that box)
  • But I am not sure how to monitor (java) application performance using the default agent (10.7) with microservices optimized profile.

Is there a point where I can put the usual "-javaagent:..." string to send data to our agent?

Is this setting in the application server setup of the OpenShift console? I have seen there is something like this


If you have an example for this configuration, can you share?