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ARA Issue : Unable to create Package using VBA POST Method.

Question asked by AmitGohel on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2019 by AmitGohel

Hi Team,

I want to use VBA Excel MACRO for creating & executing Package. I am successfully able to fetch response with GET method of REST API with successful base64 Authentication.


But not able to use POST method for creating package, as it is ending up in error as below.



"Message" : "The argument(s) cannot be null : packageInfo"



However I am also passing all 4 valid mandatory fields, mentioned as below:


http://{Our server}.com/ara/api/data/v1/packages?name=AG_TEST80&folder=DEFAULT&custom_type=ONE&application=SSD_DEPLOYMENTS&status=Dev


Not sure what is wrong. Please help.



Amit Gohel

Bank of the West, Release Manager.