Customer webcast: Discovery Health - getting more ROI from CASM

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Watch the recording of this Community webcast where Discovery Health's Head of Business Systems, Zel-Louise Van Den Heever, presents their use of CA Service Management in non-IT use casesThis is the second in a series of Community webcasts focused on "Enterprise Service Management", featuring customers sharing how they have increased the value they receive from CA Service Management by expanding use beyond a traditional ITSM role, into non-IT use cases. 

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Date Recorded: February 26, 2019

Webcast Abstract:  There's quite a buzz around Enterprise Service Management these days, and for good reason. Organizations are getting huge added value by leveraging their ITSM solution beyond the IT service desk. It is being used to support business areas like Finance, Facilities, Audio Visual and others, integrate with business partners and other business entities, and even as a customer-facing mission-critical application. This webcast presents Discovery Health's success into many of these areas using CA Service Management. Hear about what it takes to do this, how they handle the diverse business requirements and the benefits accrued. Come away with ideas on how you too can get incremental ROI from your existing investment in CA Service Management.