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Download attachment failed after 17.1 Upgrade

Question asked by ArunavaS on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Michael Mueller

Hello All,


We have recently migrated from 14.1 to 17.1 and after migration we see attachment is failing to download. Export is also failing. However upload attachment is working fine.

We see the following logs in jsrvr_log :


02/11 12:02:47.104[http-nio-8080-exec-8] INFO  UploadServlet 203 Param 'allow_empty_file_uploads' set to NO. This is the default.
02/11 12:02:47.104[http-nio-8080-exec-8] INFO  UploadServlet 217 force save-as dialog is disabled in web.xml
02/11 12:02:47.104[http-nio-8080-exec-8] INFO  UploadServlet 226 fast channel is enabled in web.xml
02/11 12:02:47.108[http-nio-8080-exec-8] INFO  DownloadAttachment 158 Attachment id was not encrypted, using the plaintext attachment id: 1985742
02/11 12:02:47.109[TCP_port-Read:Slump_nxd] INFO  TCP_port 229 Created fastchannel port 2111 for null with id 1549904567109 between 185057148.DC1STCAUBG00001-container-pdmContextListener#1cb1e86d:168dd7eca94:-7fff and 32472.rep_daemon:DC1STCAUBG00001
02/11 12:02:47.111[http-nio-8080-exec-8] INFO  TCP_port 1239 Reregistering SLUMP_DISCONNECTED with new callback
02/11 12:02:47.112[Thread-18] INFO  BPServer 229 Starting private slump loop in thread Thread-18 for BPObject jvAAAAAC
02/11 12:02:47.227[Thread-18] ERROR DownloadAttachment 643 error: Unknown message, attmnt:PDOB:PATTR:OB:MTH:, get_parent_info_secure, .


May I have an insight or what need to do to fix this issue?