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Define/modify reference table of WSP page

Question asked by caadmin on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Brian_Mathato

Hello ,


I am currently working on client requirement of displaying a new field in change request page.

As we know "change request" details page "detail_chg.htmpl" uses attributes of "chg" table.

For the new requirement i need to fetch attributes of "view_change_to_change_act_log" table to this page to define the logic.

actually i need to display a field which shows the detail for how much time(in hours) the CR is pending in particular group.for which i need "timestamp" att of   "view_change_to_change_act_log" table to subtract from current date/time....


Can anyone help me defining the logic here?

How can i achieve the difference between two attributes of different tables and display it in htmpl page which is not mapped to it?