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Question asked by Jonathanmm on Feb 12, 2019
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I'm configuring ldap_reponse probe, according to docops it needs a domain user to connect to ldap, so we take the same user that we use in APM to connect to the domain and authenticate users. 


When I Test the connection from IM console the following message appear as result of the test: 


error in failed to logon user usrwildap


Does this indicate that we need a user with higher privileges? or maybe there are additional configurations? 


We put correctly this paramters: 

Hostname: here I tested the hostname and ip of the ldap server. 

Connection paramters: "Normal LDAP Connection"

Base DN: I used the same as the realms configured in APM

Scope: subtree

Authentication: GSSAPI

User: usrwildap

password: we ensure that the password is correct

Domian: TIM\, here if I put the name of the domain without the \ symbol, the probe didnt connect. 


So I need your help to identify any mistakes with this probe.