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JasperSoft 7.1 and Widgets Pro - Gantt Chart

Question asked by roland.parrotte Champion on Feb 13, 2019

Now that CA PPM is using JasperSoft 7.1, we now have access to the Gantt Chart which is in the Widgets Pro module of JasperSoft Studio.

Above showing milestones on a project taken from Advancing Reporting on a custom Status Report that I have managed to insert the widget in our development environment.


Has anyone been successful at using the Widgets Pro - Gantt Chart?  For example, the above I couldn't get it to show the period names on the Gantt Header, as well as the Milestone descriptions.


If anyone has an example JRXML file that could be shared, I would be interested in getting a copy.  In addition, I would be interested to see what limitations there are - eg can the object automatically stretch to accomidate large number of lines.


I'm considering adding this to our custom Status Report, just showing key items, and restricting it to be 12-18 forward months (depending on available space)