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REST call to search on multiple fields?

Question asked by Daniel Blanco Champion on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by GregPolenta

So we have SNOW and were thinking about setting up a workflow w/in SNOW when anyone creates a change control window. We figured out what the corresponding UIM REST Maintenance call would be made to create the Maintenance Schedule but the issue we have was finding all the cs_id's of all the devices that correspond to a specific device.

So you can have multiple entries in the UIM DB for one devices and they all have different cs_ids.

Or you could have the same named devices at multiple different hubs(clients) (example:  exch01)

Are there any REST calls that can search for devices so that it returns a list of CS_ID's also based on origin? 

We can do it easily with a SQL query but we don't have that add-on in SNOW to do sql queries so we are left with what's available in the UIM REST library. 


I only see this GET rest call :  


where it returns all entries that contain "exch01" but if we need a specific exhc01 at ORIGIN = YYYY is there a way to do this?

Are there any REST calls in UIM that can search for "name like XXXX" and "origin like YYYY" searching two fields? Can we overload  the REST call 




^This didn't work but is there a way to do this?