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postpone processing further until midnight with script

Question asked by ben1984 on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by EricLeacox604617

Dear all,


currently i am facing an issue.


I have a script which should be in a loop until midnight to do not process further before 00:00.

If it is for example 00:05:23 am the script should finish and the process should continue.


The script is executed everyday at different times. Could be 07:00 pm, could be 11:34 pm could also be on the next day around 00:32 am.


The only think which is sure that the script is not activated again before 16:00 (04:00 pm) in the afternoon


My script:

: SET &Time# = sys_time()


: IF &Time# < "160000"


: WHILE &Time# >= "160000"
: p "Too early to EXECUTE OBJECT XXXX"
: WAIT 1800

: SET &Time# = sys_time()



What i want to achieve is to be in the loop until &TIME# is < "160000" (04:00 pm



As the script is always activated after 160000 (04:00 pm) i thought i could be an idea to check sys_time < "160000" and that is the case after midnight. (f.e. 000523 (00:05:23)


The script is not ending the loop. I think it is because of the different days.

If i modify the script with times on the same day its working fine.


Hope someone has an advice for me.


Thanks in advance.