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EVNT_TIME objects in waiting state - How to end?

Question asked by IanFindon611036 on Feb 15, 2019

We use "Recurring" (C_PERIOD) executions for quite a number of jobs - these can have frequency periods from 1 minute to 3 hours - very simple to set up and more importantly they work great but the downside is  they are scheduled outside of a JSCH and show as individual objects in the Activity window - making it quite unwieldy.


However, we have been tasked to run a lot more jobs (new sister company) that are currently running directly in JDE that need recurring executions - therefore we are looking at using a different method of execution - ie: Scheduling a EVNT_TIME object in the JSCH as this would save having a larger list in the Activity window.


I have set up a number of these up as test (just running simple unix cmds) and scheduled within a new JSCH object - What the issue is they do not end when the JSCH turns around so the next days's EVNT_TIME object appears in the JSCH as "Waiting for end of parallel task(s) ...


So the questions is how to we get the EVNT_TIME to end each day to allow a fresh execution when the JSCH turns around ...


Any input would be gratefully appreciated, thanks in advance.