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/siteminderagent/ntlm/creds.ntc stuck on IWA

Question asked by moylu02 on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by moylu02

Hi, I configured IWA authentication in Windows 2016 IIS 10, as the other coments says I configured IIS and tested with the SiteMinder Agent 12.52 sp1 cr8.

If i disable the webagent I can access my page authenticated sucessfully by IIS, I tested even with a SDM 17 that displays the user that was authenticated by IIS. In summary with ca sso agent disable the windows authentication works and I validated with a SDM 17  



If I enable the agent 



The browser the redirects to the following link



but doesn't give me the page that i requested originaly or request any credentials