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CA PPM - One resource to appear in a project multiple times.

Question asked by a_wyatt on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by AlistairMiller

Hi Folks

I am trying to find a way to assign the SAME resource to a single project TWICE, with 2 different bill rates in CA PPM.

The scenario is that a resource, let's say a Solution Architect, will work on a project that is chargeable to a customer.  The Solution Architect's hours might be charged to the customer at, say for example, £100/hour.  He might work e.g. 50 hours.  But that same Solution Architect realises that he made a mistake and needs to work an additional 10 hours on the project to correct his mistake.  But he cannot charge the customer, because it was his error.  So he wants to charge the project with the 10 additional hours, but at a £0/hour rate.

A similar scenario/impact is where ONE person works on a single project but in TWO or more roles.  The same person does different jobs on a project!!

This seems a very common problem in my experience.  Essentially boiling down to having a single resource appear multiple times on a single project. 

Does anyone have a solution to this dilemma?  From what I can see, CA PPM only allows a person to appear once in a project team (therefore only one cost rate and one bill rate and one role).  I need one person to have multiple roles and potentially multiple bill rates on a single project.

Help please!!

Many thanks in advance.