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CR Workflow Task start_date

Question asked by jeffery.mason on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2019 by camja06

SDM 14.1.05

When a Classic cr workflow task enters "Pending" status, the Actual Start Date (start_date) in detail_cr_wf automatically inserts the current date/time. This is true as soon as the first task in a workflow is created and as each subsequent task transitions from "Wait" to "Pending".


However, when a custom status is used to transition a task from "Wait" to an any site defined custom status, the start_date remains blank. Start date can only be captured if the analyst manually enters it in the task, which does not account for the time it waits to be actioned.


An auto-populated start date is essential to track and report the number of hours an active task waits until it is completed.


How is start_date being added when a task enters "pending" status, and how is it possible to force a start date when a custom status becomes active?