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Has anyone else seen this situation "SS modeled in Spectrum as something other than the VNM"

Question asked by GlennK on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Chris_Knowles

This is based on this message that showed up in out debugging log

Feb 13 10:31:09 WARNING at SNMP send took 5113ms! Device IP: Request ID: 149042 Operation Type: 1 Community: xxxxx
 SendRetCode: 0 usReturnCode: 0 Timeout: 3000 Device Port: 161 m_strCommunity: ******
 m_nVersion: 0 m_strContextName:  m_nSecLevel: 0 m_nAuthProtocol: 0
 m_strAuthPwd:  m_nPrivProtocol: 0 m_strPrivPwd: