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SOI database purge

Question asked by ChrisFitch on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2019 by ChrisFitch

SOI v4.0.2

Hi, I'm interested in other people's experiences with regularly purging excess data in the SAMStore.


We currently keep 90 days worth of data and each day look to purge one day's worth - we do this with the following soitoolbox commands, run locally on the database server with SOI still running:


soitoolbox.exe -x -v -b 300 -t 86400 --purgeClearedAlerts 90
soitoolbox.exe -x -v -b 300 -t 86400 --cleanHistoryData 90
soitoolbox.exe -x -v -b 300 -t 1200 --rebuildIndexes


However it is taking approximately 6 hours to purge 20,000 alerts - these are timings taken from my development environment and in Production we get roughly 10,000 alerts per day, so I am assuming it would take around 3 hours.


The server isn't CPU or Memory bound during execution and I was wondering whether other people were experiencing these sorts of times.


Many thanks