Cross Package Dependencies

Discussion created by John.Dueckman Champion on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 8, 2019 by Dana_Crawford

How does your site handle "cross package dependencies"?


Let's say I have 2 packages.... one package (PKG1) contains all the copybooks and the second package (PKG2) contains all the programs. I'm going to execute PKG1 a few days before PKG2 because I have a limited window.


How do you (at your site) ensure PKG1 has completed (aside from physically looking) before kicking off PKG2? 


IMO, Endevor is missing the ability to "link" packages such that you can specify pre-req packages and post-req packages; a dependency of package-to-package, if you will. 


Or am I just stating another case for the resurrection of Enterprise Packages (Resurrect/Redefine Enterprise Packages)?