IDMS User group meetings 2019 - Europe/UK/Germany/Belgium

Discussion created by Steve-Rundle on Feb 22, 2019

 IDMS User group meetings in Europe (UK/Germany/Belgium):


Dates:   September 23 - October 4 2019


It is with pleasure to announce that the European IDMS User Associations (EIUA) are planning to hold a series of IDMS User group meetings across Europe in 2019. These will take place during the period September 23rd to October 4th and will include venues in UK, Belgium and Germany.


Call for Topics


I also have great pleasure inviting everyone to submit a presentation or to suggest a topic to be covered during these EIUA User Group meetings. All suggestions for technical topics related to IDMS will be welcomed, especially those expounding the use of IDMS by users. The presentations should not be a sales pitch but more along the lines of a solution to a problem and how it was or can be solved.


Therefore, if you have a presentation in mind, or a suggestion of a topic, however small, that you would like to suggest then there are several avenues for you. You can:


  • Submit a reply to this topic with your suggestion or presentation


  • Email any of the EIUA user group presidents


                Email me directly


However you send it, all suggestions and submissions will be welcomed.


EIUA Reps:


Each of the IDMS User group meetings is organised by User group representatives within each country and each meeting will be scheduled carefully to cater for those people who intend to travel between the meetings.



Keep an eye on this thread for further details.


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