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I can't save a change to the dynamic query in CA PPM

Question asked by czhou on Feb 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2019 by cohda07

Hi, all,


I met an issue when making a change to an existing dynamic lookup.


The lookup is named Browse Resource, and it is User-defined. It uses a dynamic query to find the resource by name.

The change i was trying to make is to modify the query to fulfill the coding rules for use with DWH. Please refer to below artical for the changes detail if needed (in the attached snapshot i highlighted the changes also).

CA PPM Tech Tip: Including Dynamic Query Lookup Attributes in the Data Warehouse 


After modification, there is no save/save and return button, so i just clicked on continue. It led me to the next screen which is the Parent Window, from where i have a Save and Continue option. But after click on it, i checked the query again it remains the same as before..


What am i doing wrong here? Or is it true that i need to delete all fields that using this lookup, then i can edit it?


Thanks in advance for your help!