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CAPCIPDomain search options not working

Question asked by mlee17 on Feb 23, 2019

Hi all,


This question may be more suited to the CA PM community, but I guess I'll try here first as the issue is with Spectrum.


As part of the Spectrum Integration with CAPC, a CAPCIPDomain Global Collection was created on Spectrum.

To control what items are synchronized to CAPC, I have tried to add Search Options to the Global Collection. This does not seem to work correctly as the GC does not recognize the search expression properly.


For example, a simple filter:

These options should result in only active, non-pingable devices being displayed in the Global Collection. Instead, what I get are devices of all conditions, of a non-pingable type.

In contrast, If I run a Locator Search, with exactly the same options, I get the correct results.


Note, this is a basic example. I do plan to use more advanced filters, like excluding certain device Types. Attempts to try this with the CAPCIPDomain have failed.


If I manually create a standard Global Collection, with the above example filter, it works correctly. So it appears that only the CAPCIPDomain type of Global Collection is affected by this issue.


One final point - issuing a GET to the REST interface for Global Collections does not return results for CAPCIPDomain collections - only standard GCs. So I can't modify it that way either. 

EDIT: Issuing a GET to the Model_Handle for the CAPCIPDomain for the DynamicCriteriaXML attribute returns the search options that I specified initially. Which would indicate that the options are applied correctly, just ignored.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.