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NTLM Configuration in LDAP Wizard

Question asked by mrutherford on Feb 25, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by DirkBleyenberg

I'm trying to setup the NTLM configuration as part of step 5 of the LDAP Identity Provider Wizard process. I've verified that my LDAP connection is working. However, when I click the Test Connection button after configuring the NTLM settings I'm always receiving a message stating "Failed to connect to Netlogon Service!" 


After going through the configuration process it seems that I may not be understanding some of the settings correctly based on the documentation and I'd like some clarification to see if I'm putting the correct values in the required fields based on the following information:


The Domain is:

The Service Account is: Contoso\APIGWSvc

The API Gateway is accessed at:

The server name of the API Gateway according to nslookup:


Based on that information I would assume the following fields would have these values:

Server Name:

Service Account:APIGWSvc$

Service Password: Password of the service account configured in active directory

Domain Netbios Name: Currently I have this set as, is this correct? 

Host Netbios Name: Would this be the Service Account? I'm confused based on the description of this field according to the documentation.