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How can we identify unused SNMP profiles

Question asked by neville.styles on Feb 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2019 by rontr01

Using data in the netqosportal database on Performance Center, we're generating a series of reports to ensure data is consistent between Spectrum and PC, ensure users/roles are created according to our standards etc...  This is working well, but one thing we'd like to do is to identify any SNMP profiles which are not in use.  We already have 157 SNMP profiles and it's already at a stage where we cannot be certain if they're all used or not.


We know the profiles are stored in the t_profile table with a unique ItemID, but we cannot see a way in the database schema that this is mapped to a device in the t_device table.  


Can anyone advise how we can determine the link between SNMP profiles and devices in the netqosportal database?