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How to get transaction metrics from CA Secure Proxy servers to wily console

Question asked by venkat01 on Feb 27, 2019
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We have installed EPAgent on CA SPS servers and enabled below properties.

<metric-reporter name="WilyMetricReporter">




After enabled the above properties SPS metrics are reporting as an expected.

But we want to get below metrics from SPS servers to monitoring. Especially we want Startdard web agent Operations metrics.     

Please suggest us to how to get these data from sps servers to wily console. If we require any plug-ins to enable please let us know.


  • User and resource caching
  • Bad and expired cookie hits
  • Bad URL and cross-site scripting hits
  • Standard web agent operations (Is Protected, Authorize, Validate, Logon)


Earlier we followed by below document.

CA Access Gateway Performance Monitoring: Even Simpler Than 1-2-3  




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