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CA Release Automation vs. CA Continuous Delivery Automation

Question asked by MichaelGebhardt Champion on Feb 27, 2019
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Hi everyone,


it's been a while since I posted in here, simply due to the fact that we didn't have so much more new applications and of course we also did gain a lot of knowledge over the years to handle stuff on our own :-)


But now comes the time...I got the question about the support on CA Release Automation versions, so I was looking around.


At the moment we're still using v6.5 where End of Service is end of October this year. In the announcement mail it was said to upgrade to 6.6, which has been released May 2018.



And now comes my current confusion...because I wanted to see if CA Release Automation actually is still in development or has more or less moved towards "maintenance" (bugfixes, support)


When I navigate through the products on the CA website I can't find CA Release Automation. All I can find under "release" is the CDD and this "CA Continous Delivery Automation" (Release Management - CA Technologies ). CA Release Automation can only be found when I actually search for it. funny enough it even shows the same navigation:



is anyone in here who can shed some light onto that?


What is the state of CA Release Automation?

What actually is CA Continous Delivery Automation? The product page says something that it was formarly known as CA Automic Release Automation, what probably comes from the buy of Automic a while back.


Will there still be updates for CA Release Automation or is 6.6 the last version?