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[Duplicate Post] Application Integration

Question asked by Carlcavg on Feb 27, 2019

Good afternoon,

We have been implementing the code to write in the AXA tool, for an environment of "Lab LAB 1". However, a JavaScript error is appearing and we have not been able to fix it. The implementation is done locally, using the ID of the application for Laboratory. Last week we did a test adding the same lines of code, but in an HTML page of the Production project, and we could check that there was no problem and write correctly in AXA. We also did a test in Laboratory LAB 2, adding the same code, but this time in a JSP screen (as in Laboratory LAB 1), and in fact it failed for the same and did not write in the tool. Therefore, we believe that for JSP something must be done differently.

Attached error image

Is there any additional code for configurations on JSP platforms?


Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you