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Incorrect redirection for user whose password is expired

Question asked by SaifJiwani on Mar 4, 2019

Hi All,


We have two applications protected and different users accessing those application. For one application and users accessing that application, we have a password policy in Site Minder that redirects user to "Force Password Change" page after 60 days of password not changed. For 2nd application, we have included an environment variable in policy server machine "NETE_PWSERVICES_REDIRECT" that redirects users (different users) to a specific error page. After adding the environment variable user whose password has expired (accessing the first application) is getting redirected to the error page mentioned in "NETE_PWSERVICES_REDIRECT" variable.


My query is, if we have a password policy applied for the 1st type of users, why is it getting redirected to error page in "NETE_PWSERVICES_REDIRECT" variable. Regards Ankur Arora



Ankur Arora