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ETC in Task List and BASELINE BAC for Non-Labor Resource is not showing

Question asked by danish on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by danish

1.I have added some Labor and non labor(Equipment/Material) resources in my Team and i can see their ETC.
2.In Team tab i can only see the ETC for labor resource. For Non Labor resource it shows zero.
3. When i click on task and go to assignment there i can see the ETC for non-labor resource.
So Can anyone help me in understanding why i am unable to see the ETC for non labor resource in Task tab.
In addition to this when i do baseline of my project for BAC it only shows 8 which I had assigned for a task with labor resource and it ignore all other non labor resource data for BAC.

As per BAC calculation it is

BAC:  Baseline at Completion

BAC: (Sum of all the assignment level Actual Cost values for the project) + ETC (Cost) at the time the baseline is recorded. This will include future posted actual costs.

In my case No Actual has been posted yet but ETC (Cost) should calculate as I have all rate matrix for non labor resource in place.