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Mailbox rule to update a ticket using # filter string

Question asked by victor_ide on Mar 4, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by pier-olivier.tremblay



I'm trying to create a mailbox rule to update a ticket if the body has the incident id in it. My incident has the format ABC12312, and I've tried putting the # placeholder before and after it and using the filter string #{{object_id}}#, but whatever filter string I try none seems to work.


The rule for incident creation has the #@{ref_num} in the success html and priority 201, and the update incident has priority 200 and the filter string as #{{object_id}}.


Filter strings tried:





chamado\ \#{{object_id}}#


None of them seems to work in the body response, but in the subject response they work, but I cant create a incident using the object_id in the subject, right? Am I missing something?