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Gen Online Training - What do you need?

Discussion created by Susan Brude Employee on Mar 6, 2019
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Hi All,


When I joined the Gen team a few months back, I took the online Gen training to jump start my learning of the product.  I learned a lot about Gen in the process, but I also had some ideas on how we could make the learning process easier.  These ideas have started a refresh of the Gen training materials.


We need your help to assemble the list of training materials that would help you and your team the most. 

Here are a couple ideas from the Gen team: 

  • Are there specific scenario training that would help on-board a new Gen team member?
  • What about particular upgrade scenarios?
  • Focus on a particular technology area?


The training may be traditional training, or for smaller topics/scenarios it may be a short video.


We need you ideas!


Note: the training will be available to all Gen customers who are active on maintenance.



Su Brude

Product Owner - CA Gen