Securing CA 2E Model - Best Practices ?

Discussion created by henky.sap on Mar 6, 2019
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Hi All,


We’re looking for some idea on how to secure our CA 2E Models.  We have hundreds of developers from both onshore and offshore. 


And when they use the Models and make any update in any 2E files, they have to do it through the ‘sanctioned’ way, that is through the official CA 2E programs in the Y1* and Y2* libraries.  For example, they cannot ‘backdoor’ changes thru interfaces like STRSQL, YWRKF, DBU or any others that are not part of the original Synon programs/utilities.


We’re wondering if there’s any 2E shop out there that face similar challenges, and perhaps have implemented some kind of security approaches to lock down the Synon Model at the object level. 


Any feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.