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Question asked by saisuneel on Mar 10, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by Stephen_Hughes

Hi Team,


Recently we have updated our Active Directory configurations in development environment. 

Using GMU, we tried to migrate development environment service into UAT and service has authentication against updated Active Directory. Then facing migration issue ""(name)" must be unique exception.

Do let me know how to overcome this issue to migrate service.


Below are the migrateOut ,manageMappings and template commands in development.


echo "Exporting Service Policy $SHORTN to $TARGET_FILE.xml"
/opt/SecureSpan/gmu/ migrateOut --argFile /opt/SecureSpan/gmu/commonargs.props --serviceName "/$INTEXT/$SHORTN" --dest $TARGET_FILE.xml --defa
ultAction NewOrUpdate
echo "Managing Mappings for Service Policy $TARGET_FILE.xml"
/opt/SecureSpan/gmu/ manageMappings --argFile /opt/SecureSpan/gmu/commonargs.props --bundle $TARGET_FILE.xml --type ID_PROVIDER_CONFIG -N --t
ype service --action NewOrUpdate
echo "Templating Service Policy $TARGET_FILE.xml to $"
/opt/SecureSpan/gmu/ template --argFile /opt/SecureSpan/gmu/commonargs.props --bundle $TARGET_FILE.xml --template $


Below is the migrateIn command in UAT environment.


echo "Importing Service Policy from $TARGET_FILE Writing output to results.xml"
/opt/SecureSpan/gmu/ migrateIn --argFile /opt/SecureSpan/gmu/commonargs.props --bundle $TARGET_FILE.xml --template $ --r
esults results.xml --destFolder /$INTEXT $2 $3