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Analytics in CA API Developer Portal 4.2 do not have any data

Question asked by katma11 Employee on Mar 12, 2019
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we installed the Portal 4 times on exactly the same environments (VMs), same files (Portal, same settings but 2 of them show no data in the Analytics.

We have no error and we see nothing unsual in the logs. I have seen cases where the Analytics do not work but it gives error when you load the Analytics page. In our case we have no errors. And looking into the logs, it actually seems that analytics data do reach the portal from the gateway. We see the below behaviour:


The Portal is up and running with an enrolled Gateway for about a month now.


Has anyone had similar issue?


We can see, by running docker service logs -f  portal_analytics-server, the below for example:


Upserting 25 Jarvis Records to api_metrics for tenants [53b42703-170f-4b1e-9796-43b345cb9d0f]

Successfully upserted 25 Jarvis Records to api_metrics

Processed write thread: WriteThread-HMP7 with 25 records