Find the order of the jobs

Discussion created by s583 on Mar 12, 2019
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I have a question with the order of the jobs that are scheduled in Autosys.

Can you please help me with the below questions.


  • I have more than 500 jobs and I wanted to find out the scheduled order of the jobs.For example JOB1 is scheduled at 8 AM PST, JOB2 is scheduled at 9 PM PST, JOB3 is scheduled at 8:30 PM PST. Can I have a command to retrieve the jobs in the following order.

        JOB1 --> 8 AM PST

        JOB3 --> 8:30 PM PST

        JOB2 --> 9 PM PST

  • How to get all the jobs with their dependencies on a machine. For example the job names starts with string Global_*
  • Command to get the statistics of all the jobs