Are You Double-Escaping Apostrophes in XOG?

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Special Characters

Escape special characters in XOG requests to ensure a successful XOG read or write request. You can escape special characters or can use CDATA.


Escape Rules (in Docs from 2004 to 2018)
Use one of the escape rules in the following table to escape special characters in the XML file:



QUESTION: Is anyone in the PPM XOG community using  \'' to double-escape apostrophe chars in XOG import or export files?


Or is one \' enough?


In 2019, we recently changed the docs to show:



Since Clarity PPM 7.5 way back in 2004, the documentation listed the escape rule for apostrophes as



and it is followed by the text "Apostrophes must be double-escaped." One user indicated that "depending on the situation, I need to use single or double escapes, but it's not clear when we should use single or double" and "I don't think this processing can actually be fixed ... both 1 escape and 2 escapes sometimes work, depending on the situation."


One user reported "XOG will fail when special characters are passed. Convert the special characters... For passing single quotes (apostrophes, for example, 'abc') as part of the XML attribute, You need to pass:

         '' instead of '


Another user suggested the following code to replace a single quote with its equivalent code... "for a single quote, you are sending the equivalent of:  "''" double-quote single-quote single-quote double-quote


Example: <core:set value="${userRead.replaceAll ('\x27', &quot;&apos;&apos;&quot;)}" var="userRead"/> <!-- ' Characters -->