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Firewall Ports  for  xFlow/Insight Analyst

Question asked by shamaluwm on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2019 by shamaluwm

Currently we have SDM 17.1.02 windows 2012, with Conventional Configuration.

SDM APPs servers are in same firewall zone while Analysts are outside of the firewall.


To add and test xFlow with Insight,  what  ports needs to open in firewall for analyst to be able to  access  all xflow and insight features [exclude ports accessed by apps/search/collaborration/jasper servers ...]

Per Supported Port   list  following looks relevant but not sure if  all ports need to open


xFlow Interface

  • Web Server Port: 9002
  • Incident Service Port: 9002 [ same as web server port??]
  • Search Service Port: 9006
  • Notification Search Service Port (requires Web Sockets Protocol): 9008
Insights Services Port
  • 9016
Search Server
  • HTTP Port: 9012
  • TCP Port: 9300
Collaboration Server
  • Service Port: 9014
  • Server Port: 5222
  • Cluster: 54327