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How to include custom jar file during Command line execution of a test case?

Question asked by s.natha1702 on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by abrsh01


My test case has "Execute Script (Groovy)" step which is using a custom jar file with my own classes. 

I am trying to execute the test through command line argument by using the below command;


TestRunner -a -u <<Username>> -p <<Password>> -m tcp://<<hostname>>:2010/Registry -t "projectfolderpath\Tests\Test.tst" -html "projectfolderpath\Data\SampleResults.html"


But those classes are not identified by TestRunner during the command line execution.

How can i include those custom jar files for the same?


If I execute through CA DevTest workstation, its working without any issues. 


Kindly help me solving this problem. 



Senthilnathan. S