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How to pass Dynamic values to AMQP?

Question asked by Suneelthota on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2019 by Stephen_Hughes

I have a requirement to implement AMQP in API Gateway servers. We have multiple Inbound and Outbound Queue Names. Currently, we have configured API Policy with Individual Inbound/Outbound Queue Names. We want to reuse the same API policy for multiple partners.



 Inbound - 5 different Queue Names

 Outbound - 4 Different Queue Names


Manually we have mentioned all Queue and connection details in JMS Destination -> Additional Properties. Is it possible to pass the Queue Name dynamically at run time? How to capture JMS property header values?


We are capturing Queue Name from request Header and configured queue name details in JMS Destination-> Additional Properties as mentioned below.



${request.http.header.queuename}.OUT   // Not able to capture these value 


It is working as expected if we hard code all Individual Queue Names. Appreciate, any quick response and help to implement this functionality.