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How can I make the Assignee field required on certain tasks in a Change Order's workflow?

Question asked by RichFTB on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by johsc03

We are being asked if we can make it mandatory for an assignee to be included when a task is created on a change order.  Since we have some tasks that will never have assignees due to the nature of their inclusion in our change approval process, I know I can't make this mandatory throughout the workflow.  My first thought was to make it required on the insert_wf.htmpl form to force one to be provided.  I am unsure exactly how to make the field required since the form does not follow the same format as "detail_in" or "list_in".


It is also possible that once the task is created a user could modify the task "in list" to remove the assignee.


What are some solutions to this?