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Random Agent error, deployer does not Respond

Question asked by Jvrvrs on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Jvrvrs

First, on a deployment, the agent fail with a copy from remote agent action:


Failed to transfer file [/ra/Temporal/TemporalCO/Mediacion-SMS/med-sms/Mediac-sms-2019-03-13_00-01-27-SMSv1.0.0.125/] from agent [plrelautoapp4] to location [/data9/RA/Mediac-sms-2019-03-13_00-01-27-SMSv1.0.0.125/].


Error occurred on remote agent:
failed to handle get file from [/ra/Temporal/TemporalCO/Mediacion-SMS/med-sms/Mediac-sms-2019-03-13_00-01-27-SMSv1.0.0.125/] to [/data9/RA/Mediac-sms-2019-03-13_00-01-27-SMSv1.0.0.125/]: 
Then the agen failed with any action.
I restarted the agent but the error persists