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Hold the Async Messages and trigger later

Question asked by suryateja24 on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by suryateja24

Hi All,


I've a requirement like below, please suggest me the best way to achieve it.


For a request, VS has to trigger 1 sync response and 7 async response messages.


But, after triggering the one Sync & two async messages, VS has to wait for another request message (like confirmation) , then it has to send the third async message. Now again, the VS has to wait for the new request message (like confirmation) , then it should send the fourth async message.. Like this the remaining async messages has to be trigger only after the new request messages is received to the VS.


Please find the below details for reference.


Transfer Protocol: HTTP/S

Data Protocol: XML


P.S: Same request message will trigger, before the async messages.